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For top Ranks and not Blanks go to scottnot.com SEO and Domain Names 4 SALE

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With over 30 Years of Consulting Experience and as an Advertising Agency Agent,
I can help your company gain the proper identification in the marketing world.
If your Company seeks help with SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Company Branding, Logos,
Graphics, Editing Digital or Analog, Audio and or Video, Mixing, Remixing, Mastering, Remastering
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I am the conglomeration of many trades rolled up into one guy. I offer the skills, knowledge and
technology of today and the future to you yesterday
. "Figuratively speaking of course".

I generally start by getting to know the client personally.

I offer many different types of structured marketing strategies to each of my clients.

I will do an entire profile on your company, your product and your ideas.

I will then help you devise an all inclusive website that may feature streaming media from a variety
of formats to video clips of commercials and infomercials or a complete 2 hour documentary with a
script or whatever you can dream up.

I can also offer you and your company qualified live technical support and train you to run your own website
without any compromise to your security or your business.

I may also provide you and or your business competitive hosting and domain registration fees.

ScottNot.com Co Hosts through a variety of different servers to ensure greater exposure over the internet
and I offer many different hosting plans.

ScottNot.com shares the comfort and security of knowing that if a server is down anywhere in the world
my databases can be restored in a matter of minutes on another server thousands of miles away.

My hosting Affiliates are in:
Los Angeles California, New York City , Chicago Illinois, Miami Florida, Kingston Jamaica and Tokyo Japan.



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